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About is a Malaysian female-made real estate investment (REI) education portal. Inspired to help Malaysians especially females in REI.

Lots of females shy away from investing in physical real estate, worrying they don’t have the cash, knowledge, time, or skills to act as a landlord or renovate a property. They already own a home and think that’s enough.

But purchasing an investment property, while challenging, is easily doable. Sure, you need money upfront, but beyond that, a little knowledge and determination can go a long way. It’s important to build self-confidence in real estate.

It’s not rocket science but an unbelievable amount of detail and a lot of work, but the benefit is pretty enormous.

Therefore, before you begin searching for a physical real estate property to own, you have to decide what you want out of the investment. If you’re buying real estate to generate rental income, your search will differ from if you’re looking for a stay.  Both choices will come with their own problems that have to be included in your decision-making process.

When it comes to real estate investment, you need to brace for the unexpected. For example, there could be months where the property remains empty. Or a costly repair could drain all your savings. Each property comes with its own set of risks, and overpaying for a property is a big one. As is underestimating the costs of repairs or demand for the home.

For women thinking about investing in real estate, the unknowns can leave them on the sidelines. But with parts of the real estate market doing well and diversification important for long-term investment success, it’s an asset class that definitely shouldn’t be ignored.

Thus, it is best to start out small and to learn from your mistakes. Too many people start a project that was too big, and it swallowed them whole. By working with the knowledgeable group, the tension can be reduced.

Some people are intimidated by real estate and our recommendation is: don’t be.

– Founder SubSaleSister