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10 Things to Check Before Renting Property in Malaysia

Before you move, consider these 10 things to check before renting property to experience a pleasant rental stay in Malaysia. It is natural to be in a hurry to move in after you have checking so many properties for rent in the neighborhood.

1. Research about the locality well

When you start the search process, select a location near your workplace or college. This would not only save the journey time but also the expense of travel. The proximity of the locality, though, should not be the only factor. Look for social facilities, such as malls, bank branches, hospitals, etc., as this is a must for your day-to-day living activities. You’d like to leave your home and your things safe and secure. Check if the location has CCTV monitoring systems and watchmen like RELA or guards to watch the neighborhood or your home while you’re out.

2. Read your rent agreement thoroughly

When finalizing the lease agreement, carefully read the terms or clauses specifying the time for which you are entitled to stay and the duration during which the landlord can request an increase in the rent. If you find any of the clauses disagreeable, speak out and adjust it immediately.

3. Know your rights

A rental arrangement grants you limited ownership to the leased property and understanding it will make things simple between you and your landlord. Your landlord, for example, cannot interfere with your personal lifestyle, cannot forbid any guest from visiting, and cannot control the timing for you to get home. He can also not ask you to leave the property as long as the lease agreement is in place.

4. Consider the overall cost

A monthly amount is not the only money you have to spend when moving to rented accommodation. You would have to pay additional costs such as security deposits, advanced rents, etc. before you move. Consider these risks or risks and set the budget accordingly.

5. Check the goods

If you are moving to a fully furnished apartment, take a close look at the furniture or appliances offered. Ensure that they are in working environments and that they are not damaged.

6. Do the basic check

You would not like a clogged bathroom sink or broken electrical fixtures in your new home, would you? Run each tap and switch on buttons to see if the water flow is fine and the lights are working all right. Also, check that the house is freshly painted and there is no seepage inside the house.

7. Read meters

Often check the reading of the electrical meter before entering the rental accommodation. In fact, it’s best to record the meter reading so that you can verify the accuracy of the bills. Please don’t hesitate to ask the landlord for any dues.

8. Ask around neighbors

Your neighbors may be the best people to give you the right opinion about the home, the town, and your landlord.

9. Check the windows and the doors

Another way to ensure safety at your home is by checking the doors, locks, and windows of the property. Before finalizing a place, make sure you check these for any fault or repair.

Another way to ensure the safety of your rented stay is by checking the doors, locks, and windows of the house. Make sure you search this for any flaw or fix before finalizing.

10. Get a clean home

Before the day you move, have a word with your landlord. Ask him to tidy up the house before you move.

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